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Part Two


Cooperation in Political, Security and Defense Fields


Fully leverage the China-EU High Level Strategic Dialogue as a major platform to deepen strategic communication and coordination, build strategic consensus and deepen mutual trust.


Continue to hold the China-EU consultations on foreign policies and dialogues on regional affairs to facilitate political solutions to regional and international hotspot issues.


Enhance exchange, coordination and cooperation under the UN framework to support the UN in playing an active role and explore joint initiatives and actions on issues of common interest and with common ground between China and the EU and its member states. Jointly support the reform of the UN to strengthen its role and improve its efficiency. Increase exchange and practical cooperation on UN peacekeeping.微信公众号:高斋翻译学堂@微博:高斋翻硕



1. the China-EU High Level Strategic Dialogue 中欧高级别战略对话

2. regional and international hotspot issues 国际和地区热点问题

3. peacekeeping 美 [ˈpiːskiːpɪŋ]  adj. 维护和平的

Intensify counter-terrorism communication and collaboration on the basis of mutual respect and equality, and firmly reject double standards for fresh progress in international counter-terrorism cooperation.


Enhance cooperation between police forces. China stands ready to expand exchanges and cooperation with Europol and launch joint patrols with EU member states as appropriate. Strengthen communication and cooperation on public legal services, and extradition and criminal judicial assistance for more practical and effective joint combat against transnational crimes.



1. double standards “双重标准”

2. international counter-terrorism cooperation 国际反恐合作

3. extradition 美 [ˌekstrəˈdɪʃn]  n. 引渡(逃犯)

Increase communication and cooperation on non-proliferation and export control. Jointly advance international nuclear security cooperation. Prevent weaponization of and arms race in outer space and safeguard its peace and security. Uphold the authority and universality of the multilateral disarmament regime. Jointly preserve the authority of the Non-Proliferation Treaty as the cornerstone of the international nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament regime, and support global efforts to ban nuclear tests. Support the Conference on Disarmament in adopting a comprehensive and balanced work program at an early date and carrying out substantive work.



1. non-proliferation 美 [ˌnɑːn prəˌlɪfəˈreɪʃn]  n. 限制核武器和化学武器的增加;防止核扩散

2. the Non-Proliferation Treaty 《不扩散核武器条约》

3. cornerstone 美 [ˈkɔːrnərstoʊn]  n. 基石;奠基石;最重要部分;基础;柱石。

Make good use of the China-EU Cyber Taskforce, jointly advocate a community with a shared future in cyberspace, promote norms for responsible State behavior in cyberspace under the UN framework, and advance the reform of the global internet governance system for a peaceful, secure, open, cooperative and orderly cyberspace.微信公众号:高斋翻译学堂@微博:高斋翻硕


Maintain high-level exchanges between defense authorities, enhance communication and cooperation through the dialogue mechanism on security policies. Actively expand personnel training and exchange programs, joint exercises, and cooperation in such non-traditional security fields as humanitarian rescue and assistance, peacekeeping and escort missions.



1. the China-EU Cyber Taskforce 中欧网络工作组

2. a community with a shared future in cyberspace 网络空间命运共同体

3. escort 美 [ˈeskɔːrt , ɪˈskɔːrt]  n. 护送者;护卫队;护卫舰(或车队、飞机);陪同某人参加社交活动的人(尤指男人);受雇陪同某人外出社交的人(尤指女人)v.护卫;护送。这里是护航的意思。

The EU and its member states should lift its arms embargo on China at an early date.


Deepen dialogue and cooperation under the ASEM framework, and advance ASEM reform on the basis of mutual respect, equality, mutual benefit and consensus-building with a focus on practical outcomes for ASEM to play its unique role in the global governance system.

深化亚欧会议框架下的对话合作,本着相互尊重、平等互利、协商一致等基本原则,推动亚欧会议积极变革,聚焦务实成果,在全球治理体系中发挥独特作用。Part Three


1. embargo 美 [ɪmˈbɑːrɡoʊ]  n. 禁止贸易令;禁运v. 禁止……的贸易;禁运。

2. the ASEM framework 亚欧会议框架

3. the global governance system 全球治理体系


Cooperation in Trade, Investment, Connectivity, and Fiscal and Financial Fields


Give full play to the guiding role of the China-EU High Level Economic Dialogue, deepen dialogues on macroeconomic, economic and trade policies, enhance mutual understanding and proper reading of and seek greater synergy between each other's policies and regulations, unlock cooperation potential, handle disagreements and frictions in a constructive manner, avoid politicizing economic and trade issues, and ensure the sustained, steady and win-win progress of China-EU economic and trade relations.



1. give full play to 充分发挥

2. the China-EU High Level Economic Dialogue 中欧经贸高层对话

3. politicize 美 [pəˈlɪtɪsaɪz]  v. 使政治化;使带有政治色彩;使参与(或卷入)政治;使对政治敏感。

Make joint efforts with a positive and pragmatic attitude to reach a win-win bilateral investment treaty, and launch a joint feasibility study on China-EU Free Trade Area at an early date to build a sound institutional framework for upgrading the economic and trade cooperation.


Promote coordinated development of trade in goods and services. China will expand the import of high-quality goods from the EU through existing channels and new platforms such as the China International Import Expo. The EU should ease its high-tech export control on China, strictly fulfill its WTO obligations, ensure that its trade remedy legislation and practices are in line with WTO rules, apply trade remedy measures reasonably, and prevent discrimination, de jure or de facto, against some WTO members.



1. pragmatic 美 [præɡˈmætɪk]  adj. 实用的;讲求实效的;务实的。

2. China-EU Free Trade Area 中欧自由贸易区

3. the China International Import Expo 中国国际进口博览会

Maintain two-way openness and facilitate mutual investment. China will significantly ease market access, fully implement the management system of pre-establishment national treatment and a negative list in a bid to foster a stable, fair, transparent, law-based and predictable business environment that protects the legitimate rights and interests of foreign investment and treats Chinese and foreign firms registered in China as equals. China hopes that the EU will keep its investment market open, reduce and eliminate investment hurdles and discriminatory barriers, and provide Chinese companies investing in Europe a fair, transparent and predictable policy environment and protect their legitimate rights and interests.



1. two-way openness  双向开放

2. hurdle 美 [ˈhɜːrdl]  n. (供人或马在赛跑中跨越的)栏架,跨栏;跨栏赛;难关;障碍v.(奔跑中)跳越(某物);参加跨栏赛。eliminate investment hurdles 消除投资障碍

3. discriminatory barriers 歧视性壁垒

Enhance exchanges and cooperation in the field of competition, and jointly uphold the market order of fair competition. China follows with interest the EU laws and regulations on trade and investment, and hopes that EU makes its legislation consistent with WTO rules and takes concrete actions to safeguard an open and fair market environment to reduce and remove the doubts and concerns of Chinese companies. The Chinese government supports Chinese companies in Europe in setting up the China Chamber of Commerce to the EU.



1. consistent with  符合

2. an open and fair market environment 开放公平的市场环境

3. the China Chamber of Commerce to the EU “欧盟中国商会”

Promote the development of the China-EU Connectivity Platform, seek greater synergy between the Belt and Road Initiative and the EU development plans including the EU Strategy on Connecting Europe and Asia, the Investment Plan for Europe, the Trans-European Transport Networks, actively leverage the role of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, the European Investment Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and the China-EU Joint Investment Fund, better implement all cooperation projects, and encourage active participation of EU member states. Support the sound development of the China-Europe Railway Express, simplify the international railway transport procedures, lower transit costs, and provide better security protection for goods.



1. the China-EU Connectivity Platform 中欧互联互通平台

2. the Trans-European Transport Networks “泛欧交通运输网络”

3. the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank(AIIB) 亚洲基础设施投资银行

Make good use of transportation cooperation mechanisms at all levels, and enhance policy dialogue, aligning of and exchanges on technical standards. Support port and shipping companies in actively participating in each other's projects, promote all-round and mutually beneficial shipping and maritime cooperation. Follow through on the consensus on civil aviation and enhance exchanges and cooperation.微信公众号:高斋翻译学堂@微博:高斋翻硕



1. transportation cooperation mechanisms at all levels 各层次交通运输合作机制

2. align 美 [əˈlaɪnɪŋ]  v. 排整齐;校准;(尤指)使成一条直线;使一致 aligning是它的现在分词。 这里引申为了对接的意思。

civil aviation 美 [ˈsɪvl ˌeɪviˈeɪʃn]  民航;民用航空

Advance customs cooperation to facilitate trade. The China-EU Joint Customs Cooperation Committee will provide better guidance and coordination for customs cooperation. Fully implement the Agreement on Cooperation and Mutual Administrative Assistance in Customs Matters and other documents, promote cooperation on IPR border law enforcement, Smart and Secure Trade Lanes, mutual recognition of Authorized Economic Operator, trade statistics, combating fraud, monitoring of solid waste, cross-border sanitary and phytosanitary quarantine, security of imported and exported goods, and supervision of food safety, and actively explore new areas of cooperation such as regulation of cross-border e-commerce.



1. The China-EU Joint Customs Cooperation Committee 中欧联合海关合作委员会

2. Smart and Secure Trade Lanes “安智贸”

3. cross-border sanitary and phytosanitary quarantine 进出境动植物检疫

Further enhance communication and cooperation on intellectual property rights, support IP agencies on both sides in establishing and improving regular communication mechanisms for more dialogue on IPR creation, utilization, protection, management and services to jointly foster a more enabling IPR environment. Support early conclusion of the Agreement on Geographical Indications. China protects the lawful IPRs of foreign enterprises in China and hopes that the EU and its member states will strengthen the protection of Chinese IPRs.



1. intellectual property rights 知识产权

2. foster 美 [ˈfɑːstər]  v. 促进;助长;培养;鼓励;代养,抚育,照料(他人子女一段时间)adj.与某些代养有关的名词连用。to jointly foster a more enabling IPR environment 共同营造更好的知识产权环境 这里引申为了营造的意思。

3. the Agreement on Geographical Indications 中欧地理标志协定

Increase exchanges and cooperation in such areas as standards, metrology, certification, quality management and supervision, and safety check of special equipment, fully harness the role of the China-Europe Standards Information Platform in discussing the standardization issues of common interest to provide Chinese and European enterprises with timely, effective and authoritative information on standards.



1. metrology 度量衡学;计量学

2. harness 美 [ˈhɑːrnɪs]  n. 马具;挽具;(用于人,起固定或保护作用的)背带,保护带v.给(马等)上挽具;用挽具把……套到……上;控制,利用(以产生能量等)。 fully harness the role of the China-Europe Standards Information Platform 充分发挥中欧标准信息平台作用 这里引申为了发挥……作用的意思。

3. authoritative  美 [əˈθɔːrəteɪtɪv]  adj. 命令式的;专断的;权威式的;权威性的。 这里是权威的意思。

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