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经济学人:They could be heroes|考研英语
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经济学人泛读:They could be heroes


They could be heroesBritain is in the midst of a Victorian-style statue mania

The sculptures look similar, but the faces and techniques have changed

She arrived by road, in pieces, on two low-loaders. She was welded together on a dock at Devonport naval base—the only nearby place that could accommodate her bulk. Then she was lifted onto a barge and pulled across Plymouth Sound. On March 22nd she was to be unveiled at her permanent home, in front of the Theatre Royal. She is a statue of an actress in a hooded top, rehearsing a part in “Othello”. At seven metres high, she is among the largest bronze sculptures in Britain.
Later this year Plymouth will get another bronze statue. It will be smaller in size, although the woman it commemorates was a towering historical figure—Nancy Astor, the first female mp to sit in the House of Commons. She will stand on a plinth in the Hoe, a spectacular lump of rock overlooking the harbour. The Hoe already has a Victorian statue of the explorer Francis Drake and several memorials to the men and women who died in Britain’s wars. But Astor’s effigy will be the first to be placed in that glorious location for three decades.

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